Friday, June 01, 2007

Italy: On the list

Ok...there will be lots to see, do and eat in Italy and here's where it all begins. My list. Hoping to keep everything together..we'll see.

First on my list, is dessert.
I love tiramisu and this place is supposedly the kingdom of tiramisu.

In case I need meat..
Porca Vacca (literal translation pig cow when shouted in Italian it means dammit! - I love it.)

The steak is served several ways: tagliata semplice (a mid-sized cut with no condiment), tagliata con condimento (a mid-sized slab with choices of toppings including mushrooms, thinly-sliced lard (say what? no thanks), and rocket, cherry tomato, and parmigiano shavings), or, alla Fiorentina (Florentine style, meaning that it is cut very thick and cooked bloody rare with no condiment other than salt and pepper). Served on cast iron dishes. Note to self: Order Fiorentina!

via dei Sabelli, 99 (San Lorenzo, near the Cinema Tibur)00185 Romatel. 0644361167closed Mondays€ 25 per person (starter, wine & water included)Highly recommended!

To catch a sunset in Rome:
Try standing at the very end of Via Sistina across the piazza from the Hassler, at the foot of the obelisque immediately after sundown. The Rome sky turns the most amazingly luminous shade of blue, like ultramarine, and all the buildings start to take on an amber glow and the streetlights come on and you can see past the Spanish Steps all the way down the Via Condotti. It looks exactly like a Maxfield Parrish painting. I call it the witching hour because it's positively otherworldly. (Tip from a slowtraveler)

I smell pretty oh so pretty..Santa Maria Novella Farmacia in Venice

Salizzada San Samuele, near Campo Santo Stefano (I never saw anything at San odd). If you get off at the San Samuele stop, go straight ahead and it will be on your right at number 3149.

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