Saturday, June 23, 2007


La Ropa Beach sunset below; Patz church (left)

view from Il Mare restaurant/zihua above

Patz funeral; garden of church to the left; palms on La Barra de Postosi beach to right of garden photo.
Pastries in Patz. Hotel in Patz below (pink)

Hotel statue above. "Pet" shop in cute. More La Barra below; another patz church.

Local street food -> in Patz.

Plaza in Patz above, more local street food (corn lady).

The fat mermaid restaurant interior w/ painting. Cafe Zihuatanejo to the right w/ hanging lights. Both zihua.
bus to La Barra w/ gordito ;-) & florist arrangement in zih.

birds of paradise in la barra I think.
near the pier in zihua; best breakfast in zih @ cafe zihuatanejo - juevos rancheros - yum

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